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Corporate Contributions


Prof. KP Singh actively engaged in the corporate affairs of the Department, University, and Profession. He has enormously contributed to the department in teaching, training, research, and development. As Coordinator of the Department, he brought drastic changes in the entire landscape of the department in terms of infrastructure development, renovation of the entire department, creation of seminar hall, and image building. He was the key person two organized the 72nd Annual Day Function -2018 of the Department, which was graced by the then His Excellency, the Governor of Gujarat, Prof. OP Kohli, and other distinguished dignitaries of the country.  Prof. Singh took a bold and brave decision for the first time in the history of the Department by organized the First Alumni Meet of the Department in 2019. The alumni meet was attended by more than 510 alumni of the departments gathered from than 21 states of the county. 
As a teacher, Prof. Singh also played a great role in preparing, organizing, indexing, and publishing the NAAC documentation of the University in 2018. Since 2018, Prof. Singh contributing his scholarly expertise in the compilation of the Annual Report of the University. Prof. Singh also associated with several committees of the University on admissions, appointments, promotions, evaluations, academic affairs, and examinations. Currently, he is a member of the University Court of Delhi University. As a Coordinator, Academic and Cultural Affairs, Faculty of Arts, Prof. Singh was instrumental in bringing out the first multidisciplinary and multilingual research journal i.e., WE- A Multidisciplinary and Multilingual Peer-Reviewed Research Journal, published by the Faculty of Arts and Creation of the first ‘Hall of Fame- Pride and Pearls of Faculty of Arts.

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